Major Overhaul Completed

Over the last month or so, I have had requests for improvements to this software.

Those improvements have been made, and the software has been significantly updated.

Changes that were made include:

  1. All instructions moved to the top of the page.
  2. Moved the pre-loaded sample images section to the top of the page, so they are easier to view.
  3. Enlarged the pre-loaded sample images section, so that you can see 12 sample images at a time.
  4. Simply click on an image to add it to the work area.
  5. Widened the work area for images, to the full width of your browser window, so you can better see your work area.
  6. Increased the maximum image size to 2500px by 2500px.
  7. Added the preferred image size recommendations for Facebook and Instagram.


If you haven’t yet purchased access to this offer, please click here.


Bill Platt
Ponca City, Oklahoma USA

February 26, 2017