Login Issues

Immediately after purchase, JVzoo will send you an email noting your purchase and giving you a link to access the website. You can also access this link by logging into the customers.jvzoo.com purchases record page.

This link will have the following format:

Product Access URL:




You need to follow the JVzoo link one time and one time only.

That link is what connects your payment to my software, so that I don’t have to manually verify your payment information.

The use of the JVzoo link, will connect your login information to your payment, within the database. It will also trigger my system to construct a username / password combination for you, and to send that information to your email address.

After you have set up your password for the website, you need to ALWAYS use the following URL to access the Members Area.

You will see a login form in the upper-right of the page. It will either show you a login screen or it will tell you that you are already logged into the website.

This next part is very important!

After you have accessed the website for the very first time, you will not be able to use the JVzoo link to access the website again.

Let me repeat, because it is very important.

Once you have established your account, you will not be able to access the website again using your JVzoo product access link.

I am working with the JVzoo programming team to see if we can find a solution for this issue.

Bill Platt